Cohiki Nova Vase II



Handmade in Berlin, by Cúze

Width 24 cm | Height 27 cm

The Cohiki Nova Vase II is a palatially variant of the Cohiki series. With its handles it reminds you of the ancient times of the Romans and Greeks. Ideally, the vase fits into almost any interior and can be integrated wonderfully into the most diverse situations. Grooves were deliberately worked into the vase so that the basic idea of perfect imperfection was once again applied. On the bottom of the vase is the logo of Cúze. Specially potted by Yasuhiro Cúze, you will receive, as with all other products, a unique specimen. The Cohiki Nova Vase II was handmade by Yasuhiro Cúze in Berlin. Every piece is unique.

Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions24 × 27 cm