Helice Vase X



Handmade in Berlin, by Yasuhiro Cúze

Height 25 cm

In Helice Vase X size and restraint perfectly lead to each other, making it a very special design element. With a size of about 25 cm, the Helice vase is not only equipped with a pleasant size, but can also be integrated in the room in an inimitable way. The basic shape is based on that of a bottle. In harmony with the gentle head of the vase, individual powerful flowers can thus create all the greater accents. The wonderful Helice pattern completely surrounds the individual piece and was also incorporated into the piece by hand. Even without flowers, the vase unfolds a unique effect in the room and can thus also be used as a sole design element. The Helice Vase X was handmade by Yasuhiro Cúze in Berlin. Each piece is unique.

Weight1.081 kg
Dimensions25 cm