Matcha Helice Bowl III



Handmade in Berlin, by Yasuhiro Cúze

Width 10 cm

With the Matcha Helice Bowl III was distanced from wide shapes a bit and put all the more on depth, which comes in the form but also in the details of the bowl to the fore. The glaze was used inside only to parts, because from the middle to the upper part again on the unique Helice pattern was resorted to. This has also been incorporated on the outside, in the finest handwork and surrounds the entire bowl to the bottom. Ideally fits the bowl in one hand and gives a particularly pleasant feeling when touching and looking at. The piece is particularly suitable for the enjoyment of matcha and tea. But it is also ideal as a pure design element or for smaller snacks and dishes. The Matcha Helice Bowl III is handmade by Yasuhiro Cúze in Berlin. Each piece is unique.

Weight0.242 kg
Dimensions10 cm