Matcha Helice Bowl V



Handmade in Berlin, by Yasuhiro Cúze

Width 11.5 cm

Particularly striking is the round shape, which makes the Matcha Helice Bowl V particularly comfortable to use. It fits perfectly in the hands and has a pleasant size, which allows the bowl to be used in a variety of ways. Inside the bowl has been applied a glaze, which continues to the outer edge of the bowl and slightly reflects. The special, rough Helice pattern is here in particular contrast to the soft surface of the bowl. The pattern completely surrounds the exterior of the bowl and was also incorporated on the underside. Overall, the piece was designed to enjoy tea or matcha. Nevertheless, it can also be used wonderfully to eat smaller dishes or a pleasant breakfast. The Matche Helice Bowl V was handmade by Yasuhiro Cúze in Berlin. Each piece is unique.

Weight0.288 kg
Dimensions11.5 cm