Matcha Helice Bowl



Handmade in Berlin, by Yasuhiro Cúze

Width 13 cm

The Matcha Helice Bowl is a unique experience in form and design. Unique is especially the width and filigree form of the bowl which offers a comprehensive space. The generous interior is entirely covered with a glaze that extends to the rim. On the outside, the unique Helice pattern was applied in complete handwork, which completes the bowl in an inimitable way. The bottom part, acts like a small podium, which raises the bowl and only really sets the scene. Also over this the Helice pattern has been worked in and so continues to the inside of the bowl. The bowl is particularly suitable for the enjoyment of matcha, tea or smaller dishes. The Matcha Helice Bowl is handmade in Berlin by Yasuhiro Cúze. Each piece is unique.

Weight0.268 kg
Dimensions13 cm