Olive Red Bowl



  • 100 % handmade in Berlin by Cúze
  • Every piece is unique
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Handmade Ceramic Art by Cúze. Each piece is 100 % unique.

Olive Red Bowl

Handmade in Berlin, by Cúze

Width 9.5 cm | Height 7.5 cm


Unique in shape and quality, the Olive Red Bowl is characterized by a pleasantly soft red color and an equally pleasant feeling when touching the bowl. The limits of straightness and unevenness were deliberately blended together to create a unique overall experience. The fine lines on the outside of the bowl run through the entire bowl and create a unique feeling not only when touching but also when looking at it. As with all other pieces, this is also a unique piece.

Additional information
Dimensions 9,5 × 7,5 cm

About Cúze

I am a Berlin based Japanese ceramic artist. I completed the Design and Lab courses at Ishoken, and Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre.When I create, I do not think my objects are the leading part in the presentation of a meal. Rather the most important focus lies in the food, the artistic cuisine and its power to draw people together to enjoy it:it is the social aspect, rather than the product itself, that drives me to design. Therefore, I refers to my works as supporting actors; objects that exist naturally in our spatial environment.Many of my products are purposefully made large because I want people to come together using my products to join in the atmosphere and community of dining.