Plain Fruit Bowl



  • 100 % handmade in Berlin by Cúze
  • Every piece is unique
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Handmade Ceramic Art by Cúze. Each piece is 100 % unique.

Plain Fruit Bowl

Handmade in Berlin, by Cúze

Width 29 cm | Height 6.5 cm


A unique bowl that brightens up your room and knows how to present your fruit in an inimitable way. The bowl is completely white and comes with a baby smooth finish. The bowl convinces just by touching it and gives you a completely new understanding of high quality. Visually, the bowl can be integrated into almost any interior and still stand out. The Bowl was handmade by Yasuhiro Cúze in Berlin. Every piece is unique.

Additional information
Weight 0,840 kg
Dimensions 29 × 6,5 cm

About Cúze

I am a Berlin based Japanese ceramic artist. I completed the Design and Lab courses at Ishoken, and Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre.When I create, I do not think my objects are the leading part in the presentation of a meal. Rather the most important focus lies in the food, the artistic cuisine and its power to draw people together to enjoy it:it is the social aspect, rather than the product itself, that drives me to design. Therefore, I refers to my works as supporting actors; objects that exist naturally in our spatial environment.Many of my products are purposefully made large because I want people to come together using my products to join in the atmosphere and community of dining.