Smudge Holder III



Handmade in Berlin, by Cúze

Width 18 cm | Height 11 cm

The Smudge & Incense Holder III is a simple but at the same time eye-catching piece, which convinces with its unique shape and design. By using subtle green accents and a dotted outer surface, the Holder is a piece that can enrich any interior. In addition, the external structure offers a special feeling when touching and holding. The piece may also remind a little bit of the shape of a small boat. The Holder is particularly suitable for the use of incense sticks, but it is also popular as a pure design element. The holder is also perfect for presenting fruit or sweets. The Bronze Bridge Smudge & Incense Holder was handmade by Yasuhiro Cúze in Berlin. Every piece is unique.

Weight0.733 kg
Dimensions18 × 11 cm