Kintsugi (or also called kintsukori) is a traditional Japanese method of repairing ceramics or porcelain. The broken out pieces of ceramics or porcelain are glued with a special varnish (Urusei varnish), which was previously dusted with gold, silver or platinum particles. This lacquer is applied in several layers, while the broken areas are subsequently lacquered. This gives the broken pieces a very special, unique style. Often not only already broken bowls, vases or mugs are used but also those that are not broken. These are intentionally broken to then create a fine design with Kintsugi.

The basic philosophy behind the Kintsugi technique is Wabi Sabi, which means to see the beauty in the ephemeral or old and even a broken bowl or vase is worth as much as a new one. Repairing bowls with Kintsugi is costly, which is why they subsequently acquire a unique value.