“Hiding in plain sight” – Studio Cúze x Atelier A Journal | Interview by Reeme Idris

Atelier Å Journal x Studio Cúze ceramicist

On Sunday, 26.07. Atelier A Journal published the interview I had the pleasure to do with Reeme Idris. The interview was very exciting for me and gave me a lot of space to reflect.

At the beginning we talked about the materials and recycling methods I use to create my pieces. Then we talked about different techniques that I use every day in my work, like the traditional Japanese Tobikanna technique and about their origins in the Korean yi dynasty. Then we talked about my own handwriting in my pieces and how corona has influenced my life and work and why I decided to give away handmade flower pots. After that we went in a slightly spiritual direction and how my work is related to it and how ceramics and the making of them are comparable with things like dancing. Finally we talked about my current collaboration with Atelier A Journal and Ryoko Berlin, as well as the upcoming collaborations.

Atelier Å Journal x Studio Cúze cuze fine handmade ceramics
©2020 Marina Denisova

Wonderful pictures were taken by Marina Denisova. Thank you very much for the great interview and the wonderful photos. I’m very happy about it. In advance I have prepared a small extract for you which you can read here:

The hands behind the bottles containing natural perfume ‘Voyage de Senteur’, a collaboration between Atelier Å Journal and Ryoko Berlin, belong to Yasuhiro Cúze of Studio Cúze.
The Japanese, Berlin based ceramicist created these sculptures as an expression of the scent as an artform, each unique, each precious. With porcelain as his material of choice, Cúze hand crafts pieces to be used time and again, serving their purpose to gently nourish the senses.
Whilst ceramics culture is having its moment, Cúze provides an example of elegance that demands nothing whilst delivering everything. Smooth or delicately textured, white, and creamy tones or subtle greys lifted gently by warmer pinks and browns; his skill is such that it’s hard to believe human hands are responsible, but they are and no two products are alike.
If pressed, Cúze will explain the Japanese Kohiki technique and its origins in the Korean yi dynasty, or more on his signature tobikanna style. Visitors to his studio and enquiring minds like my own can certainly feed our curiosity this way. Or we can feel our way through these vessels, they were, after all, designed to fill our corporeal appetites.
Nowadays we need, more than ever, that which is…

For all who are interested in the interview, you can visit the following link to read the whole article of Atelier A Journal and get a small insight into my studio and my work:

Read the interview

©2020 Atelier Å Journal – Interview
©2020 Reeme Idris – Interview
©2020 Marina Denisova – Pictures

Source: https://www.aa-journal.com/studio-cuze

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