1000 VASES Paris 2020 – Studio Cúze


This year the vases exhibition “1000 Vases” starts and attracts various artists and visitors from Europe and the rest of the world. The main focus of the exhibition is the beauty and individuality of vases created in the most diverse designs and with the most diverse emotions. Free with the ulterior motive “Vases are not all the same vases”, every visitor can get an idea of the variety and exceptional nature of the various exhibits. The exhibition is to serve as a stage for many independent designers from over 35 countries. The diversity of the individual pieces should speak for itself, which is why the objects are presented in a simple but harmonious scenography. The first Paris edition will be held in 2018. This year’s edition can take place in spite of Corona, of course under tightened hygiene conditions. In this year’s edition of 1000 VASES, Yasuhiro Cúze will also be presenting an exceptional vase specially made for the event.

The exhibition runs from 03.09. – 06.09. daily from 11-20

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